Since 1935 in Brescia

What a story!

An antique
in the thirties

by a courageous bellunese man
who came from the valley of Zoldo
known as ‘Il Biondo’ due to his striking
blonde hair.

From after the 1st world war, through the
second world conflict, the swinging sixties
and right up to our present day.
This Gelateria has always distinguished itself
for its passion, curiosity, innovation
and the capacity to interpret changes,
eating habits, that through the decades
has slowly but surely retained
as a cornerstone the respect for
the quality prime ingredients used
and rigorously selected

lots of interest

Spumoni were created here,
the handy gelato called Pinguino,
the Bon Bons , the Mini Cones, the Zuccotti,
the Gelato on sticks and the newest of our
products the Pro-zone bars, filled fruit and
all our line of no gluten, no dairy range.
With Biondo’s having gone from a tricycle cart
offering two flavours to an assortment that
delivers the taste of spices, vegetables, cheese, chocolate, eggs, fruit and flowers.